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Oh hey, say hello 

to the team of Alchemists

Want to meet the community of clients sharing their alchemy story? 


Alchemy to me is my whole life, it’s my output and self expression to the World, my influence on the industry, it’s super super special to me.


We’re a little family, Alchemy is one of those workplaces where you look forward to seeing your colleagues everyday, we share a really special bond.


I have never felt so connected, safe and loved by a group of people, we’re super in touch with each other, it’s a super fun place to work that is also challenging in the right ways, there is never a dull day at Alchemy.


One thing I love about Alchemy is we have created such a warm environment, our differences help us work in unison and are seen as strengths and not hindrances.


The culture at Alchemy is super special to me, each individual brings something unique and different to the team, I love growing and learning with each of the people we connect with.


The parts of Alchemy I connect to the most would definitely be the inclusiveness and the team culture, I love helping people express themselves.


I really love how welcoming and inclusive Alchemy is, it’s such a light and happy place to be and an amazing place to work.


Alchemy is a community, every time I come here I feel like I’m a part of something, everyone is so welcoming and encouraging of everyones individual path.




The experience is always so much fun at Alchemy, everyone is always up for a chat and the end result is always amazing, the results really speak for themselves. 


They are everything you want in a hair salon, nothing is ever too big or too small for them to cater too, they have a really diverse team that want the best for all of their clients.


I really appreciate the detail and attention they pay to curly hair, it's really nice coming in and being praised and appreciated for my hair type and they let me embrace all of it's capabilities.


I always recommend Alchemy to friends and family because they will help you embrace who you want to be and how you want to look and they help you on your journey to get there.


For me it’s just the overall experience of getting my hair done here that I love, they are just so caring from the moment you walk in, I really like how they listen to what I want but also give me what I need which for me is really helpful and definitely a highlight.